Psychotherapy and counselling in north London

You might be struggling with some particularly difficult feelings such as depression, stress or anxiety? Or with long term difficulties: trauma, dealing with abuse, low -self-esteem. And you might need a safe space to reflect on your life and the next steps for you.

In my work I aim to help develop awareness, resolve psychological difficulties, improve communication skills, and in doing this help you to enhance your capacity for personal  and professional satisfaction in life.

Group facilitation training programmes and workshops

Are you a leader, manager, facilitator, trainer, consultant, therapist or counsellor? Do you work with groups, teams, committees and organisations? If you are looking for a stimulating learning context to develop your groupwork practice then one of my workshops may be for you.



Relating is often considered optional. It isn’t.
We are always relating. The question is not if, but how.
– adapted from Walter Kempler.