It is obvious that conflict occurs widely and in many situations and can be very destructive. This may be a team member who consistently and repeatedly is critical of work which the team is developing. Or it might be the situation in which several people in a group are effectively excluding one colleague from important decisions.

Conflict can also be energising, and creative in groups, teams and organisations. The ability to challenge and confront and be challenged is much needed particularly in leadership positions in groups and teams.

Group facilitators, team leaders and organisational consultants need to be comfortable handing this, understanding sources of conflict and common styles people use in conflict situations.

Learning more about conflict can help leaders create a safe enough space so that all participants can be heard, supported and enable the group or team to work more effectively.


To help participants:

  • Experience, explore and enjoy the topic
  • Increase their range of skills in dealing with conflict
  • Enhance awareness of factors which affect them in dealing with conflict
  • Understand some sources of conflict
  • Increase acceptance and appreciation of difference


The course will be practical, participative and experiential with time for theoretical reflection and opportunities for consideration of application of skills.

Programme outline

The programme can be adjusted for individual organisations as needed.

The two day programme

Day 1

  • Conflict and challenge in context
  • The psychological perspective – what affects my abilities in these areas?
  • Skills development and feedback – how do I challenge and confront?
  • Being in a group – meeting others directly

Day 2

  • Sources of conflict, communication styles and strategies
  • Effective confrontation – practice and opportunities for observation
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours in groups
  • The next step – taking the learning forward

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“Excellent. Dynamic yet subtle teaching. Lots and lots of learning.” Head of Education.

“Lecturer was alert to all the dynamics which were happening in the group. Teaching methods very well prepared and delivered.”   Manager in Human Resources.