This intensive course is primarily aimed  at those working with groups in areas such as: social work; teaching; probation; nursing; educational psychology; psychotherapy and counselling.

It will also be relevant to those in the independent sector wanting to better understand group dynamics of teams and organisations and review their leadership approach. It is anticipated that the range of professional backgrounds will provide a rich and stimulating source of learning and exchange.

The course will provide substantial opportunities to review and develop individual groupwork skills; develop understanding of theory and application to particular settings and experiential awareness of groups’ processes.

The three components of the course

1. The seminar programme offers a grounding in theory, primarily gestalt field theory and psychodynamic thinking.  Topics covered will include:

  • factors influencing group dynamics
  • the role of leadership
  • styles of leadership
  • levels of intervention
  • setting up groups
  • issues in practice such as gender, race and culture.

2. The work/application seminars will provide a forum for focused discussion linking specific work issues with theory and considering options for intervention.

3. The experiential study group provides a setting for participants to use the here and now experience to study group functioning and individual behaviour in the group.

Currently I run this programme in a modular format with a three day workshop followed by three two day workshops. This can be adjusted for individual organisations.

Download a PDF about this workshop.


“This course has been enormously helpful, enjoyable, challenging and expanding.”  General Medical Practitioner.

“Great teaching, clear, focussed and thorough.” Counsellor in Higher Education.

“I loved the design of this course. It stretched me considerably at certain points but never too much. I felt Michael’s style of facilitation worked well for me.” Leadership Coach.