Effective group bring change and learning. How effective they are is greatly influenced by the ability of the facilitator, team leader or manager. There are many aspects to group facilitation and this one day course will focus on a number of key areas.

  • Groupwork in context
  • Planning and preparation
  • Facilitation: the role, breadth and introduction to skillful interventions
  • Gestalt concepts and tools for group facilitators
  • Working in the Here and Now
  • Review of learning and next steps

Workshop approach

There will be relevant input which you can apply to your particular setting, time to discuss ideas with colleagues, exercises to ground ideas in experiential learning and the opportunity to explore the process of a group in the here and now.

Who is the course for?

  • You are planning to facilitate groups
  • You are currently facilitating groups and wish to review and develop knowledge and skills
  • You are a facilitator interested in gestalt concepts applied to group facilitation

What you will gain

  • An increased understanding of the role of facilitator
  • Heightened awareness of your capacities in the role
  • Tools and skills to facilitate groups and meetings more effectively

I usually run this as a one day workshop.


“Excellent. It flowed very well and addressed my stated needs.” Leadership Facilitator

“Excellent, an excellent example of what I came here to learn. Thank you.” Counsellor

“Reflective, gave plenty of space to delegates.” Leadership Trainer

“Focussed, clear, contained and interesting.”  Educational Psychologist