With my therapeutic work I endeavour to help you find a deeper understanding of the experiences, symptoms and difficulties which are concerning, distressing and inhibiting. I hold in mind that this exploration can bring new awareness of patterns of relating to others and with oneself. Part of the exploration will often involve considering how present ways of relating and living are influenced by earlier significant relationships. If needed I work with you to bring some resolution of ‘unfinished business’ where possible.

As with all therapeutic work the development of trust and a good working alliance is an essential element for creative collaborative exploration.

Central to my work is a focus on how you and I relate in the sessions in the present which can be very helpful as a way of understanding patterns of relating and also as an opportunity to try out different ways of relating to others.

I draw substantially on gestalt theory and practice which emphasises the development of awareness in the present moment, exploring the current lived experience and the contact which develops between the therapist and client.

I have also trained in family therapy and make use of psychoanalytic thinking which takes the view that we are often moved as much or more by unconscious processes and deeply held fears and conflicts as we are by conscious ones.

I also make use of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) ideas, particularly in my short term work. This approach focuses on problem-solving (alleviation of symptoms) and much less on exploring underlying issues. It can be very helpful to increase awareness of our thinking and beliefs which affect how we behave and feel.